Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ducks in a Row

Some updated news to share regarding Carolyn Anne's Criminal Background Check and escrow closing on Pilgrim's Rest. 

Believe it or not, despite a long career in nursing which can wear down your hands and obliterate fingerprints, she did get her fingerprints read via Live Scan system with the State of California Department of Justice (CA DOJ).  Her prints were good enough to read to get a verification done that way.  Yea God!

That said, CA DOJ got her first name spelled wrong.  They introduced a variant spelling of "Caroline" when in fact the application to CA DOJ stated "Carolyn."  You just know the Ecuador Immigration authorities will have a field day with that mistake and deny her the granting of her Cedula after our arrival in Ecuador on that basis. . .

So I nipped it in the bud.  Sent an email to correct the name, and also - since she received a legitimate clear Criminal Background Check (CBC) - requested the Apostille letter to authenticate the Criminal Background Check report.  Wouldn't you know, our Anthony over at CA DOJ looked at the first attempt at her trying to get her report, and told her to make a second attempt.  What on earth was he thinking?  Taking each email sent to CA DOJ separately instead of as a whole, of course.  Within minutes, and before I had a chance to send a corrective email to him, he acknowledged his mistake in the previous email. . . upon reading the next email sent from here, no doubt. 

So she will be sent the corrected CBC *and* the Apostille letter, most likely in the next day or two.  Yea, God!  Prayers answered!

UPDATE 10/2/2014: We received the CA DOJ's corrected CBC, combined with a handwritten signature of Mr. Anthony Molina, Criminal Identification Specialist I, with the embossed State of California seal.  Excellent!

In other news, the house here will get an escrow closing date tomorrow.  It would have been today except I have to go to the hospital this morning to have a cardio conversion for my fast beating, irregular beating heart.  Not the first time, and not the last I would think, based on my history. . . but this delays escrow by a bit.  Probably will set a date for mid October.  Things are happening, and events are moving along quite nicely.  Prayers appreciated for my heart if you read this in time, of course. 

UPDATE 10/1/2014: Escrow closing date now set.  We have just a matter of days getting everything out.  Most of it is.  Just a few things to deal with, and we can handle it with the abilities God has given us.  Cardio conversion scrubbed due to blood not being thinned enough by the drug I've been taking.  I'll be taking a new drug to replace it, and it should do the job very well. . . free samples too from the tic doc, which is getting to become rare these days with Obamacare in effect.  A couple of drugs prescribed which have slowed down the fast beat to the heart and have strengthened it.  I feel better now, too, and can tell the difference.  Thank you Lord for good doctors like mine.  I will miss him and his excellent knowledge and manner.

Social Security proof of income letters should be arriving at US State Department today.  Carolyn Anne's Apostille for her birth certificate should also be delivered today.  My birth certificate is still not received. . . once received, I can drive to Downtown LA and get it apostilled.  Getting to the end of the document process at the higher standard required of the Consul General of Ecuador, and presentation of documents to them for birth, and proof of pension income from Social Security.  Pray with us please for approval, and speedy results.  We can see our time here in the US is rapidly coming to an end, perhaps sooner than we might have imagined!

UPDATE 10/2/2014: Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's office sent me my three copies of my birth certificate. . . so that's now received.  Getting the documents done in good timing, I hope.  Just a couple of items in transit, and then a visit to CA Secretary of State in Downtown LA where they have a field office at 300 South Spring Street, Suite 12513 for State of California documents needing an apostille, and then. . . on to the Ecuadorian Consulate in Beverly Hills for hopefully the grand finale on paperwork legalization. 

This should be the end of my being able to type new posts into this humble weblog via the desktop computer, which has a real keyboard, allowing for faster typing.  From now on the task will be via the laptop, which while new and up to the task, doesn't have a standard keyboard like a desktop does.  This will result in slower typing speed and most likely shorter descriptions and posts. 


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