Friday, September 26, 2014

Documents in Motion, Part II

What a difference a day makes. . . twenty four little hours. . . reminds me of a song once used by a now defunct LA area men's clothing chain store!

OK, here's the latest: The CA DOJ finally corrected their telephone messaging at (916) 227-4557, which was the number I called for my Criminal Background Check results.  They really do have a thing for email over there, which I'm sure is based on efficiency/productivity and overall communicative ability reasons.  Now we're told in a nice prerecorded female voice that one should email

and include the ATI identifying number, and the first and last name. . . nothing else since it's for an individual asking on their own behalf.  Obviously ask them for a status report on the Criminal Background Check. We now have a leg up, too. . . we have the trusty Anthony's email address at CA DOJ if all else fails.  CA DOJ does to date provide speedy email responses, a good thing. 

Carolyn Anne's birth certificate Apostille request to Michigan's Secretary of State is on its way via UPS Ground.  Should get there delivered by Tuesday.

Our personal check for our Cuenca condo was delivered yesterday, signed by hopefully the security guard of the building.  Will have to check on that to be sure.  Impressive service by UPS and thanks to Ecuador Customs for allowing it to go through.

Today the sending out for the Apostille of the Social Security proof of income - one for each of us - will go out via UPS.  I prepared, in order: the cover letter requesting the Apostille (the signature on the cover letter is important to authorize the thing to be done), the DS-4194 form filled out in ink per the nicely provided interactive example available on Windows software - the responses make sense - the *original* Social Security proof of income letters, and of course our payment.  The US State Department actually accepts your personal check, among other more obvious means of payment, such as a USPS Money Order.  Shipment can be made in two days less than the cost of three days - a bonus - and the total time start to finish should be two weeks.  Will need to make copies of the DS-4194 forms and provide the UPS tracking numbers on the forms before copying them.  Lots of details. . copies are so that we can telephone the State Department with any questions on processing. 

And yes, of course, I had the local Social Security office sign my proof of income letter in ink a representative's name, printed the name below that, with title. . . and even included his toll free telephone number with extension should the State Department need to talk to them about the letter.  Good to go! 

We're delaying the close of Escrow on the house a week, so mid October is going to be the close. . . as far as we know.  No official date set by the Realtor or Escrow Company.  Still some minor work to be done to the house per the home inspector's report due to the age of the house and how things were built back then. . . but nothing that isn't easily taken care of. 

We're gonna get there, eventually.  God is at work in the details, and we're doing our part. 

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