Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's Time to Move - Sooner Rather than Later

Time has just flown here at Pilgrim's Rest - our humble abode here where we have our residence in California - but my wife and I have been quite occupied with the important decisions about how we begin moving to Cuenca, and when we do what.  Big Stuff that needs to be discussed comes first, and the smaller details get taken care of from deciding the Big Stuff.  Otherwise, we will be forever discussing and debating every little detail on what happens to what here, and we will never get moving on any kind of reasonable schedule.  Sigh.  

After talking to some Real Estate Brokers here, it has become apparent that this residence needs a lot more work, time and money than first thought to get into rental ready condition, much less sales ready condition.  This is time and money that could go towards getting us moved to Cuenca that much sooner, and funds that could be better used for purchasing a different residence that might suit our needs should we ever want or need to return here.  Some repairs and renovations you never get a good return on, if any.  The time involved living here while renovations would take place would be lengthly and stressful, if not downright chaotic for us.  For all of these reasons, we have decided that we need to move. . . sooner rather than later.  And that's before the big move to Cuenca in several months!  Yes. . . the move before the move.  Didn't anticipate that coming into play at all. 

There is the option of taking the sales proceeds and keep that liquid in terms of a Certificate of Deposit, gaining interest income.  We would like the option of having a place to live here should the situation develop where we believe we would benefit from that taking place.  This option would of course generate rental income.  To be discussed further with our broker friend after he gets back from a vacation.   

Some likes in all of this: newer residence is better to manage as a rental than an older one, with lower overall repair costs.  A modern dwelling with central air conditioning, fireplace, up to date electrical wiring, and appliance placements in the rooms is more rentable and enjoyable than an outmoded but still serviceable residence.  Location is important too. . . the townhouses we have in mind are in walking distance to shopping and restaurants, a draw to the young as well as the older generation.  The current residence is farther away from all of that.  

Hopefully we will be able to get a new residence sold to us before too long, so that this particular set of issues - renovation and repair - can be put to rest.  Then there would just be the "pack up and go" issues. . . including what to sell and give away.  Lots of items of belongings to move. . . not looking forward to that, but it will be done by God's Grace. . . one day, and one moment at a time.   

I haven't even discussed what we are trying to do to fulfill the Visa requirements per the written instructions given to us by the Ecuadorian Consulate in Beverly Hills.  That's a subject for an entirely different post. . . for later. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Welcome to the latest location for my writings, this time devoted to the US citizen expatriate and moving to and living in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

Why the name "Out of Palmdale. . . ?"  Good question.  One big reason is that there's a lot of weblogs about this subject with the name "Cuenca" attached to them.  This way, my title is distinct and easier to find perhaps.  Also, it pays homage to my hero of the faith, Abram (Abraham), and his coming out of Ur to go to the Promised Land.  Now Cuenca isn't mentioned in the Bible at all, but there's plenty of people on the 'Net writing about Cuenca as some new kind of "promised land" and popular retirement haven for English speaking expats.  So in that sense, the title works rather well I would say. 

So, welcome to my humble location on the 'Net.  You may wish to read my earlier writings on visiting Cuenca for the first time on an exploratory journey - which proved quite an adventure for my wife and I - at  For now, let's begin that journey out of Palmdale, California USA where your humble scribe is currently living. . . and see how that move to Cuenca turns out, eh?  May God help us as he has done in the past, and may the path ahead be one that brings Honor to His name.