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Immigrant Visas from USA into Ecuador

Time for an update.  Pilgrim's Rest, our humble abode all these many years is beginning to get emptied out, and is almost completely empty as of now.  A few more weeks and we'll be out and in more temporary quarters where we will be dealing with the next phase of our journey. . . getting our Visas and documents in order.  Timely procured and produced, both for our extended visas, as well as our Cedulas for once we reenter Ecuador and apply for the indefinite visas we will need for our long term stay in Ecuador. 

I'll say this: I can't believe how many things we had here that were perfectly useable that we did not use.  Now that the end is in sight, and we can see the walls and inside of closets plainly, I for one don't want a repeat of that kind of collecting in our new residence in Cuenca.  Our life is not to be about "stuff". . . but of what the Lord wants us to be about, namely His Kingdom and the people he has created in His image. . . so we need to be free to respond to His call when he does so, including the breaking free from years, even decades worth of stored "stuff."  It feels great already. . . and we hope to enjoy that kind of freedom on a permanent basis in the months ahead.  

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Visa information courtesy of the Ecuadorian Consulate, 8484 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA  90210  (thank God we are in driving distance to it. . . not everyone in the United States is similarly situated, of course) 
The following is verbatim text from documents given to me from the Ecuadorian Consulate in June, 2014. 
Immigration Visa 9-1 Foreign Pension
1.  Application form of visa requirement with original colored photograph, passport size with white background.  Form can be found in the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration. 
For the case of visas 9-IV, 9-VI, a written petition must be presented, signed by the business, institution, or organization that sponsors addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration. 
2.  Original passport with a validity time of at least six months and migration's seal of the last entry to Ecuador. 
3.  Original and 2 legible copies of the paper of identifications of the passport and migration's seal of the last entry into Ecuador. 
4.  Updated criminal record certificate issued in the foreign country or the country where he has lived for the last five years, duly apostilled or legalized at the Consulate of Ecuador in the country granting, valid up to 180 days to the date of presentation. 
5.  Updated Migratory Movement Certificate issued by the Ecuadorian Immigration Authorities valid up to 30 days to the date of presentation. 
6.  In the case of a refugee, must submit a notarized copy of refugee card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration to justify his stay in the country regularly. 
7.  Document issued by the institution that pays or provides retirement, pension, or permanent income coming from abroad, duly certified at the country of origin or authenticated by the Consul of Ecuador in the place of origin.  The amount should be not less than $800 (eight hundred dollars) of the United States of America as monthly rent to the holder, and will increase by $100 (one hundred dollars) of U. S. extra per month for each family member that is a dependent of the immigrant. 
8.  Certificate issued and authenticated by the Ecuadorian Foreign Service Officer in the country of origin, determining the perception of such retirement, pension or permanent income. 
Visa Validity: Indefinite
Entries: Multiple
Visa application: $30
Visa: $320
Important: The process is personal
Article 22 of the Immigration Law -  Officers of the Department of the Ecuadorian Foreign Service and the General Directorate of Immigration will have broad powers to require verification of the statements submitted in all applications for visas and other immigration documents and to ensure and investigate the facts of any of the causes of exclusion provided by the Immigration Law. 
Note - When presenting documents, they should be submitted according to the requirements established on this page in a folder. 
Issued for 6 months for tourists, athletes, students, scientists, artists, merchants, businessmen and their families.
  • Visa application form given at the Consulate;
  • Passport valid at least 6 more months;
  • Proof of financial sufficiency in the form of an economical guarantee sworn by a Notary Public; or a letter or a bank statement NOTARIZED or a NOTARIZED certificate from the applicant's employer;
  • Round trip tickets;
  • Two current colored photographs passport size; and
A fee of US $230.00 (200 visa + $30 application) CASH or a money order addressed to: Consulate General of Ecuador.
Please bring originals and copies of all these documents.

[end of verbatim text from two separate documents]
Two documents (one for me, one for my wife) of the Immigrant visa application form, FORMULARIO DE SOLICITUD DE VISA DE INMIGRANTE which are thankfully printed in both English and Spanish.  One page each. 
Combined with the previous information I've posted elsewhere on my companion weblog on this subject, it looks like we have a good record of what the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires in document form.  The process is personal, of course, and so we will be consulting appropriate abogados - lawyers - to see how we proceed.  Always good to get good counsel from those in the legal counseling business. . . . we don't need or want any mistakes from submitting our paperwork in any way! 

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