Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Welcome to the latest location for my writings, this time devoted to the US citizen expatriate and moving to and living in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

Why the name "Out of Palmdale. . . ?"  Good question.  One big reason is that there's a lot of weblogs about this subject with the name "Cuenca" attached to them.  This way, my title is distinct and easier to find perhaps.  Also, it pays homage to my hero of the faith, Abram (Abraham), and his coming out of Ur to go to the Promised Land.  Now Cuenca isn't mentioned in the Bible at all, but there's plenty of people on the 'Net writing about Cuenca as some new kind of "promised land" and popular retirement haven for English speaking expats.  So in that sense, the title works rather well I would say. 

So, welcome to my humble location on the 'Net.  You may wish to read my earlier writings on visiting Cuenca for the first time on an exploratory journey - which proved quite an adventure for my wife and I - at http://wanderingpilgrimsprogress.blogspot.com.  For now, let's begin that journey out of Palmdale, California USA where your humble scribe is currently living. . . and see how that move to Cuenca turns out, eh?  May God help us as he has done in the past, and may the path ahead be one that brings Honor to His name. 

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